Horizons Inc

Horizons is a respite and recreation centre for young people with a wide range of disabilities and is committed to communication and performance. The atmosphere is open and inviting and the participants are young, vibrant and great fun. They are quick learners and many of them have a natural talent for performing. They have been learning to work as a group, be more aware of each otherĀ and since 2013 we have delivered twelve performances as ‘No Boundaries’ Theatre Group; ‘Changeling, our first show was a mix of physical theatre, character work, mask work and relationship theatre and a pantomime style production ‘A Christmas Tale’ which was shown to family and friends at the centre on 21 November 2013 and Mystery Island shown at The Space North Lakes in July 2014. Since then we have branched out into musical theatre, performing our own versions of Grease and Peter Pan and created many original shows.

Workshops are held on Monday mornings with Tarra Worth and Thursday mornings with Angela Witcher at Horizons, Tramore Street, Margate.

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