Status games


In pairs, create a still image where one of you has a higher status than the other. It can be a real situation, or something abstract. Show your image to the others and let them guess who is “high” and who is “low”. Discuss why there may be areas of disagreement.

Make another image showing high and low status in a different way. Finally, try to make an image where you have equal status and see if the onlookers agree!

It can be fun if you get into groups and appoint a sculptor who will put you into your status positions and then change you around.

Lords and Ladies

Give each participant a playing card and ask them to keep it confidential. They will move around the room and embody the status on their card, eg., King high, 3 low. They will start to react to people they pass according to their perception of that person’s status. At the end put them into a line by status as you perceive it and see how well they have done.  Always interesting as many people find it very hard to personify low status.

Group photos

Family shot or friends or students – you name it. Show by facial expressions and status how the group fits together. Then do same for characters in the play.

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