Blind Drunk


Did you ever get in a car with someone who was so drunk he could hardly see? Jas did and that was the last car she ever got into. Jas was 16. The driver, Alex, 19, saw his life change overnight. And not for the better.

If you are an actor, dancer, choreographer, musician, DJ or artist and you would like to get involved in creating a new piece of drama about Jas, Alex and the effect one night had on their entire community, come to a workshop at The Space, Northlakes on 14 or 16 January from 10am-2pm. Oh you need to be 15+.

We will form a core company from these workshops and continue working on the production which will be entered onto the South East QLD Festival Circuit and developed as a schools touring program so it is a fantastic opportunity.

This is a joint project between InsideOutside Theatre Company and the YMCA, who manage The Space.

To get involved and book a place please Email your details to

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