Blind Drunk – a new youth production


InsideOutside Theatre Company is collaborating with the YMCA on a new hard-hitting youth production – Blind Drunk, which will be performed on the South East QLD festival circuit in 2014 and also tour schools and community centres in the region.

Inspired by the true-life story of Ebony Dunsworth who was killed at just 16 when she got into a car with a drunken youth, this play will explore the effect of one bad decision on an entire community.

Initial workshops for actors, dancers, choreographers, musicians and DJs aged 15+ are being held at The Space, Northlakes on 14 or 16 January from 10am-2pm. Visit our production page for more information.

To get involved and book a place please Email your details to 

“I think we’ve all grown up with the idea that it’s just a quaint thing that Aussies get up to in their spare time. And I’m not saying that it isn’t. But the ugliness of it is something that we put aside as being funny or just one of those things that happens when you drink alcohol. I think that’s the thing that we’ve got to be speaking about – that, that we’re more brutalised by the effect of alcohol, rather than entertained by it.”  Judge Frank Gucciardo

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